UFC 240 :Holloway vs Edgar


UFC 240 Holloway vs Edgar will take place in the Rogers Place in Edmonton, Canada, at 10:00 pm ET on July 27. Here’s how to watch the event that’ll put the Featherweight champion belt on the line live online.

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The main card of UFC 240 is set to start on Saturday, July 27, at 10:00 pm ET. The event will be held at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Canada.

Here are the local starting times in different time zones:

Any bout can end in a minute or take the whole three to five rounds. That’s why the start of the main event will depend on how long the other duels take. So if you don’t want to miss the main event, make sure you’re in front of your screen at 10:00 pm ET.

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What are the UFC 240 predictions?

The fighter odds of each UFC event are subject to fluctuate because of the injuries, poor weigh-in results, and other circumstances. A few days before the event, you will find the aggregated betting odds for each fighter along with the predicted outcome.

Please be aware that the information below is not a piece of betting advice! The numbers are to illustrate how (un)evenly matched the two fighters are.

Max Holloway vs Frankie Edgar


  • Odds: TBA
  • Prediction: Holloway via TKO/KO

Max “The Blessed” Holloway is always stepping into the ring full of confidence, but this time defending his Featherweight title belt shouldn’t be a big problem as he’s a heavy favorite to stand his ground against Frankie “The Answer” Edgar.

For starters, Holloway, 27, is at his prime while 10-year older Edgar is already riding into the sunset. Secondly, Max will have a 5-inch height and leg reach advantage. And thirdly, Holloway has a much higher TKO/KO potential, with half of his wins coming in such manner compared to Frankie’s 29%. The discrepancy is even larger if we look at the knockdown average per 15 minutes – here, Holloway leads 0.51 vs 0.11.

Max Holloway is a more precise striker, with almost two times more significant strikes landed per minute. He should be able to keep the fight on feet with his 83% takedown defense. Finally, Frankie Edgar has fought five times since 2016, losing to Jose Aldo and Brian Ortega. In the meantime, Max Holloway fought six times during the same period, beating Ortega and Aldo two times in a row.

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Cris Cyborg vs Felicia Spencer


Many see this fight as a rebound for Cris Cyborg after losing the Featherweight championship belt to Amanda Nunes. After all, Felicia Spencer is a relatively inexperienced fighter with only 7 professional MMA duels under her belt. Nevertheless, Spencer, who’s a math teacher at Florida Virtual School, is also a reigning Invicta FC Featherweight champion.

The only way that Felicia can expect to win is by a submission – she has a Black belt in Brasilian Ju-Jitsu after all. Unfortunately, Cris Cyborg has a mind-blowing 91% takedown defense, with her only submission loss being her debut MMA fight in 2005. If Spencer fails to switch the fight to the ground, there’s little chance that Cyborg, a Black belt in Muay Thai, won’t put her opponent to sleep in Round 1.

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Geoff Neal vs Niko Price

Both UFC veterans are quite evenly matched when it comes to height and reach. They also have a similar record in win column. But Geoff Neal seems to be a much more dangerous fighter, with 2.48 knockdowns per 15 minutes compared to Niko Price’s 0.97. On the other hand, Niko finishes his combats faster, spending less than 6 minutes in the Octagon while Geoff tends to continue well into the second round with 8:04.

When it comes to significant strikes, Neal has a huge advantage with two nearly times more strikes per minute. And while Price is more into grappling and submission, Neal has an outstanding 91% takedown defense. That should be enough for him to stay on foot long enough to send Price on the ground.

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Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs Arman Tsarukyan

This lightweight matchup is interesting for a number of reasons. First, both fighters have 15 professional MMA fights under their belt, but Tsarukyan, 22, is eight years younger than Aubin-Mercier. What’s more, the Georgian will be entering the Octagon with a two-inch reach advantage. Finally, Tsarukyan is a more well-versed fighter, equally often winning by TKO/KO or submission, while Aubin-Mercier submits his opponent 75% of the time.

It’s difficult to predict how Tsarukyan will fare in his second UFC duel against Aubin-Mercier who’s been competing at the top level since 2014, but we think his ground defense will be good enough to avoid a submission and land enough significant strikes to sway the judges. Get ExpressVPN and see if Tsarukyan knocks Aubin-Mercier out

Marc-Andre Barriault vs Krzysztof Jotko

The two-inch reach advantage may be the only area where Jotko has an upper-hand in this Middleweight bout. While he’s been fighting in UFC since 2013, the majority of Jotko’s wins came via decision. In the meantime, for Barriault this will be only his second UFC duel, but he’s a renowned striker, punching the lights out with a 73% proof.

This is not good news for the Polish brown belt in Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu who’s last two losses came by the means of TKO. If the Canadian manages to stay on foot, we should see him finishing Jotko off in Round 2. NordVPN gives you this bout three times cheaper UFC weight classes

Many new UFC fans get confused when they see all the different weight class names. While writing three numbers for maximum weight seems like a more rational decision, Dana White seems to be pleased with the way things are now. That’s why we’re giving you all 9 UFC weight classes explained in numbers

List of the upcoming UFC eventsHow to stream UFC 240 live

UFC 240 is available exclusively on ESPN+ in the US, while the Prelims are aired on ESPN and ESPN Deportes. This means a big NO to the cable and satellite viewers who will now need a decent internet connection to stream the event smoothly. To purchase UFC f subscription and one PPV for More pricing plans will be announced later. The good thing is that ESPN+ has plenty of other sports-related content and supports a bunch of devices: This means that the US price of the PPV event remains about the same ($65), but you will get some benefit from the ESPN+ subscription that gives the Early prelims and Fight Night events.

If you want to pay for the UFC 240 up to three times less, read on how to do that by getting access from another country with the help of a VPN.

How to watch UFC 240 live outside the US?

Here’s the list of UFC local broadcasters and their supported devices:

  • UFC Fight Pass (USA) – Roku, Apple TV, Android, and iOs

To stream via UFC.tv, you need to buy a PPV of the Main card. The Prelims are accessible via ESPN, while the Early prelims require either ESPN+ or UFC Fight Pass. The UFC.tv app supports many devices, including Android, iOS, Fire TV, and Roku. Even if you find PPV and cable available in your current location, you can still get up to

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The issue of geo-blocking can be solved with a VPN. It hides your real IP address and your location, allowing you to connect from a country where UFC 240 PPV is available.

Instead of paying $64.98 for the PPV and the ESPN+ subscription in the US, a VPN can help you find the best offer for this and the upcoming UFC events.

Countries with the cheapest UFC 240 PPV

The cheapest UFC 240 PPV is in Russia, priced below $15. While everyone wants the best price, going for it isn’t always the best thing to do, because you will have to stream the event from the country where you’ve bought it.

VPN affects connection speed. Therefore, those far from Western Russia should choose an alternative.

Here are the cheapest UFC PPVs in different continents: Streaming HD content requires 5 Mbps

Before purchasing the PPV, check your connection speed with SpeedTest.net or another tool and see what you get with a VPN turned on. If your speed doesn’t exceed 5 Mbps, chances are you won’t be able to stream UFC 204 in HD. If so, you should instead spend a bit more on a PPV from a less distant country instead of experiencing latency, stuttering, and low video quality.

The best VPN for watching UFC online

The cheapest way to stream UFC is by using a VPN. Now it’s time to pick the best one. Here’s the first rule:

Don’t use a free VPN to watch UFC 240 because they get overcrowded, slowing down your connection

The best VPN for watching UFC live depends on your location and plans. While you can’t go wrong with choosing either NordVPN or ExpressVPN, which are the two industry-leading services, UFC fans in Asia might find Astrill VPN working faster for them because of its unrivaled presence on this continent.

The second rule is to check the money-back guarantee offers. Some, like CyberGhost, offer an impressive 45-day guarantee, allowing you to stream not one but two UFC events for free.

The third rule is to pick a service with a free trial. Most of them require only yourThe fourth rule is to think about the number of devices you’ll be streaming the UFC event on simultaneously. CyberGhost gives you seven, NordVPN supports six, but there are also options with an unlimited number of devices. This means it might be worth chipping in with your family or friends to purchase a better VPN and share the account.

A guide on streaming UFC 240 Holloway vs Edgar live with a VPN

  1. Pick your favorite VPN. Check its free trial availability, money-back guarantee, and the number of simultaneous connections.
  2. Download the VPN client. Most services have apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and other devices.
  3. Install your VPN client. Before logging in, check if your username and password are the same you use to access your account section.
  4. Choose a server. Test your connection speed to see if it’s enough to stream UFC in HD (5 Mbps). If not, pick a server that’s closer to you.
  5. Go to UFC.tv and purchase the PPV. Don’t forget that the PPV gives you only the Main card bouts. To watch Early prelims, you will need a UFC Fight Pass, while the Prelims are broadcast by cable networks such as ESPN or Fox Sports.
  6. Wait until the fight night. Use your VPN to connect to the country where you bought the PPV, and stream the event live.

Is there a way to watch UFC 240 PPV live for free? there’s no guarantee that an illegal UFC 240 stream will not go down in the middle of the main fight.

Fancy watching UFC 240 live? Change your location & find the cheapest PPV with NordVPN! Unblock UFC 240 Main cardI always use vpn for watching different tv shows online. Because in my country many such sites were blocked. But vpn is the best soft for me in such cases. I use tool on Veepn

This is my favorite sport! I am SO excited that I’ll be able to watch it while I’m abroad this summer. I was worried I’d miss the fights, because I’ve signed up for a study aborad program and I don’t really know what to expect. But I got a VPN anyway, cause I do a lot of torrenting, and as it turns out the one I have (ExpressVPN) works well for this anyway! I’m psyched!

I think, while we take a huge amount of effort in finding for a VPN to watch UFC offline, the fact that no VPN would be able to ensure that we get a non-interrupted streaming is sad

Martial arts has always inspired me. For some people, these matches may be boring but it is a great skill which cannot be achieved by just anyone. I’m anxiously waiting for the main card of UFC 236 to start.

It’s getting so hard to simply watch TV, now every channel has their paying streaming service ! I really hate that you need a NASA budget now to just watch your favorites shows ! Anyway thanks for the article it’s really helpful.

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