US Open Golf Championship 2019

How to Watch US Open Golf Championship 2019 Live Stream Free

     US Open Golf Championship (USGA) is an annual sports event well known as US Open Championship which usually takes place in the United States. The golf event normally brings people from all parts of the world together both physically and through online media platforms. 2019 will mark 124 years since the inception of the US Open Golf Championship which took place for the first time in 1895 in the United States of America

    where the first Golf game was played in Newport Country Club in Newport. When the US Open Golf Championship begins, it’s composed of citizens from other countries like Britain. In the 1990s, several countries had joined the club band. There were intercountry competitions that were going on; surprisingly, the invited countries were doing perfectly well, competing well and even winning as far as the United States of America would win. The most known persons who kept the winning records since the 1990s to 2000 are:

  1. Retief Goosen won in 2004 and was a South African.
  2. Michael Campbell won in 2005 and he was a New Zealander.
  3. Geoff Ogilvy, he won in 2006 he was an Australian.
  4. Angel Cabrera won in 2007 and he was an Argentine.
  5. Graeme McDowell won in 2010 he was a European.

      US Open Golf Championship has always been open to every individual who feels they are capable of making something enjoyable out of it. The membership is open to all who qualifies and there is no discrimination against any physical features or status. All people from across the world are welcomed here.

     For a couple of years now, many nations have been integrated into US Open Golf Championship to take part as new members, or either as winners of the past 10 years. Winners are categorized as Amateurs, Junior Amateur or Mid-Amateur. The players who won in the past years acquires an Amateur Championship


                        1.0.1 Pre-tournament Events:

    • 1.0.2 Par-3 Contest:
    • 1.0.3 Players’ Invitation:
    • 1.0.4 Opening Tee Shot:
    • 1.0.5 Champion’s Dinner:
    • 1.0.6 Golf Caddies:
  • 1.1 How to watch US Open Golf Championship 2019:
  • 1.2 How to Apply For US Open Golf Championship 2019 tickets:
  • 1.3 Types of Tickets at the US Open Golf Championship 2019:
    • 1.3.1 Code of Conduct by all Championship fans:
  • 1.4 Former champions who are expected to attend the 2019 edition:
  • 1.5 US Open Golf Championship 2019 live streaming using a VPN:
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    • 1.5.2 IPVanish:
    • 1.5.3 NordVPN:
  • 1.6 US Open Golf Championship Live on Social Media:-
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US Open Golf Championship 2019:

For 2019, US Open Golf Championship is scheduled to happen in Pebble Beach in the month of June.

Pre-tournament Events:

Tournaments are competitions targeting a group of people from several countries in the world who are brought together by their expertise in a certain type of sport or game. Most of the time players who participate in the international competition are seen as representatives of their own country and, therefore, accord much support by their countrymen as well as the government. International sports and games are known to be the most unifying factor which brings people of different race, nations, and cultures together.

US Open Golf Live Stream

Pre-tournament events are composed of massive exercises by the aspiring players, capacity building, bodybuilding and body training. The individual performs their own training at a personal level as well as at a group level.

Pre-tournament events also entail early booking of resting rooms, hospitality, early purchases of the tickets, familiarizing oneself with the environment they will be competing in and this is done through online location and venue searching.

Par-3 Contest:

The Par-3 Contest is a Golf competition which goes beyond the Masters Tournament at the most renounced National Golf Club of Augusta, Georgia. 2019 marks a 60th year’s anniversary since the inception of the Par-3 Contest.

Par-3 Contest entails a single round on a nine hole.

Players’ Invitation:

There are many ways of inviting the players to take part in the tournaments. Qualification for this grand event depends on the following criterions:-

  • Winners for the previous tournaments earn themselves automatic lifetime invitations.
  • Players with more than one qualification have the best forefront chance of participating in the 2019 edition of US Open Golf Championship tournaments. However, it doesn’t mean that the previous winners automatically must participate in the tournament; it depends on their present capability of doing better than before and, therefore, if there are players with the skills, strength and capability, then they are mostly encouraged to participate.
  • Golf players who won the US Open Golf Championship tournament in the past five years are provided an invitation to participate.
  • Golf players who won the championship in the past one year are given an invitation.
  • Current US Amateur Champion qualifies automatically.
  • Current British Amateur Champion also qualifies automatically.
  • Current Asian Pacific Amateur Champion also qualifies.
  • Current American Amateur Champion qualifies directly as well.
  • All the players who tied including the top 10 qualify for the event
  • All the players who were in the list of top 50 players
  • An invitation is also sent to the international players who probably have never had a chance with the US Open Golf Championship tournament.

Opening Tee Shot:

This is usually the first shot made from the Golf hole to keep the Golf ball rolling. The Golf ball is mostly placed on a tee from where it’s rolled on. The person striking the Golf ball needs to be confident enough for him or her to score them. Tee shots can be taken by any Golf club.

Champion’s Dinner:

The US Open Golf Championship Champion’s food will be prepared to meet every person’s preference keeping in mind that every person got their preferred type of food. Golfers are usually strong and the nature of this play requires some strength and energy. A balanced diet will be the talk of the period. Over the years the championship crew has come up with a common way of serving the golfers a common dinner. Champion’s dinner was meant to bring the champions together, share the meals together as they celebrate the winners. Many players echo these events as the best memorable point when people put all their differences aside and join in for dinner. People from nations all around the world sit in a commonplace, serve their favorite plates as they share on their take away experiences.

Golf Caddies:

Caddies are the support team members who assist in carrying the bags and other goodies for the players. The support team offers moral encouragement to the golf players to a bigger extent. Caddies understand the game of Golf very well and they master the Golf field and every playing tricks. Caddies are usually private contractors. Some golf clubs usually recognize the importance of the caddies to a point of contracting some to work and accompany their players even though to a greater extent, some clubs don’t recognize the essence of contractors.

For the 2019 US Open Golf Championship, they each have an assigned caddie to help out with moral encouragement as well as helping out in areas which need advice. A caddie can be contracted to be in charge of a group club or in charge of an individual. 2019 United State Open golfers will have an amazing time of enjoying services offered by their caddies contracted for them by their Golf clubs or by themselves.

How to watch US Open Golf Championship 2019:

US Open Golf Championship 2019 will be live on the YouTube channels and on the TV channels, and this presents the best chance to involve all the Golf fans across the world who probably won’t manage to attend the live event. US Open Golf Championship Planning Team over the years have been on the front line to ensure that their events are well covered.

A handful number of TV stations will cover the live event which will be accessed by hundreds and thousands of people. All you need is just to stay tuned for the live coverage.

Those who won’t be in a position to watch via televisions, there will be live streaming on YouTube, Facebook and in other social media platforms. Live streams will be for free and therefore many people will afford to participate online. Most of the streams will be for free but however, some streams will be paid for.

Free Live Stream US Open Golf Championship 2019: Many stations will be broadcasting the live tournament and many people will be able to view at the comfort of their zones.

Paid Live Stream: Some channels will need to be paid for in order to be accessed. US Open Golf Championship has been an income source to several software developers over a period of time. Some people earn their living through streaming a live event.

How to Apply For US Open Golf Championship 2019 tickets:

The United States Open Golf Championship tickets are usually prepared in advance to ensure that people make early orders. The tickets ordered gives the Planning Team the best number to plan the logistics with the site for the ticket order opened in advance and many early birds have been making orders while the chances still remain.

2019 U.S. Open Golf Tickets is the official site for ordering and purchasing tickets.

There are several packages listed on the ticket ordering and purchasing sites. Each category is unique and has unique features. Some have more privileges than others. Such as:-

  1. Ability to access the golf field at any given moment
  2. Good accommodation
  3. Good food and beverages in classic restaurants
  4. Executive guest rooms
  5. VIP parking

Types of Tickets at the US Open Golf Championship 2019:

  1. Weekly Ticket Package: It’s composed of every single day ticket in US Open Golf Championship from June 10-16. The package has free access to the Pebble Beach grounds for the six days without limitations in hours, access to the Golf fields or the resting tents for the whole week, an accommodation, food, and drinks.
  2. Championship Round Ticket Package: It’s a package with daily tickets for the US championship rounds for six consecutive days.
  3. Practice Round Ticket Package: This one presents a package for the few days the practices will be on.
  4. Daily Tickets: An individual can opt to be purchasing daily packages. Categories of the Daily Tickets:-
  5. Junior Tickets: They are tickets offered to young people from age 0-12 years and age 13-18 years old but they have to be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian tickets. Junior tickets will be given similar privileges as those of an adult when accompanied by an adult. With junior tickets a young person together with their guardian can access them to the gallery, accommodation, and credential, however, there will be no access to food and beverages since and an additional ticket for hospitality will be required. The tickets are sold at a constant rate of $20 and $40depending on the days a person chooses to avail themselves.
    From June 10-12 the tickets will be going for $20.
    From June 13-16 the ticket will be going for $40.
  6. Military Tickets: This is a ticket especially given to all the retired military people including retired air force, marine forces, navy forces, and land officers among others. With a military force identification card, they will easily have access to a fully supported Gallery Practice Round tickets on June 10-12. The retired military officers would also be given a chance to purchase tickets for their family members or even friends at a very considerable amount of $30 for Mondays and Tuesdays and $37.50 for Wednesdays.

Some additional important things to put in considerations

  • Transportation and Parking: The transportation and parking will be available, for the people who will be attending the Golf tournament with their personal means will have access to a well-maintained parking facility. The key requirement for every person who will be in a need of parking is that they should have a working car license and genuine number plates.

From June 10th to 16th there will be Providence in complimentary parking at the California State University Monterey Bay. There will be elaborative road signs ushering people on where they should park their vehicles.

For the people without private means of transport will have access to a common means of transport to and fro the Pebble Beach. There will be authorized areas where passengers can be dropped and picked, most likely there won’t be parking for the public means of transport and therefore, the passengers and the bus operators will be required to have a coordinated picking and dropping of time passengers will only be dropped and picked at only the authorized areas.

  • The bicycle riders will be given a parking lot as well to ensure that their bikes are not becoming the source of traffic congestion around the Pebble Beach Golf Area.
  • The US Open Golf Championship fans will also be given a chance to attend the event on a daily basis with some detailed do’s and don’ts. The screening will be done at every entrance point leading to the Golf grounds.
  • The list of prohibited items:
  1. Any weapon whether authorized or not authorized won’t be allowed in the championship grounds.
    2. Fireworks or any type of explosive won’t be allowed in.
    3. Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, computers, and tablets will not be allowed only smaller phones with no cameras will be allowed.
    4. Cameras won’t be allowed in the site.
    5. People won’t be allowed to enter the championship grounds with bags, briefcases or suitcase.
    6. People won’t be allowed to do posters and banners.
    7. People won’t be allowed to carry food and drinks except for those in medical conditions and for young children.
    8. People won’t be allowed to carry their pets along with them
    9. Bicycles won’t be permitted in the area.

Code of Conduct by all Championship fans:

There will be prompt disciplining methods and expulsion from the championship grounds if a person is caught with the prohibited items; if a person is drunk and makes rude and dirty talks, gestures and comments; if a person disrespects the players or the officials; if a person keeps distracting others by making irrelevant noise; if a person goes against the rules; if a person becomes unruly.

Former champions who are expected to attend the 2019 edition:

US Open Golf Championship will be held in the United States at the Pebble Beach grounds. The following former champions will be expected to attend the tournament this time around:
a) Brooks Koepka from the United States a winner in 2017 and 2018
b) Dustin Johnson from the United States a winner in 2016
c) Jordan Spieth from the United States a winner in 2015
d) Martin Kaymer from Germany a winner in 2014
e) Justin Rose from England and a winner in 2013.
f) Webb Simpson from the United States a winner in 2012
g) Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland and a winner in 2011
h) Graeme McDowell from Northern Ireland a winner in 2010
i) Lucas Glover from the United States a winner in 2009
j) Tiger Woods from the United States a winner in 2000, 2002 and 2008
k) Ernie Els from South Africa a winner in 1994 and 1997

The event will start in June 2019.
The tournament will be live on all the social media platforms. Those who won’t manage to physically present themselves in the United States will be able to easily follow all live updates on the social media platforms.

The Open Golf Championship 2019 live streaming using a VPN:

A virtual private network is the best network an individual can use at the comfort of their zone; it allows the individuals to easily connect phone calls and video conferencing as well as sharing files with people at greater distances probably country to country. The virtual private network is most affordable for making international calls. The best network to install as a traveler is the VPN. Many people will be able to connect with their friends and loved ones during the forthcoming US Open Golf Championship. VPN will be among the best networks to rely on for attendees to send greeting messages or ask when and where their loved ones, friends and family members are. People will be able to download the videos and the tournament files to view them at the comfort of their zones.

Express VPN:

Express VPN is a good live streamer since it supports quite a lot of software which makes it quick and prompt to its activities. It accesses the Netflix which is the best video emitting site that you can rely on at your comfort. it supports Google and Chrome browsers making it functional. Express VPN saves you the hustle of creating a password and logging in. It has a high functionality power. It supports Windows, Androids, Linux, routers, E-readers, streaming media, smart TVs and among others, it has a faster loading speed compared to other VPNs. Its price is considerably higher compared to others but it’s worth its price for the great value it provides. Express VPN is the most reliable source of prompt live streaming. It’s highly protected to ensure the users’ data is kept safe. It’s very easy to install, you need not have the experience to do it. During the United States Open Golf Championship, Express VPN is expected to be highly in use. Many people will stream live through VPN.


IPVanish has competitive features similar to those of Express VPN. You can stream live at a very good convincing speed. Security is assured and the outcomes are not frustrating. The biggest advantage one can ever have with IPVanish is the ability to access the network of more than 50 countries and therefore making calls, videos, and teleconferencing is made much easier! IPVanish supports much software which gives it an upper hand compared to many other networks.


This is a model of a virtual private network which can be used through phones and on desktops.

The Open Golf Championship Live on Social Media:-


During the US Open Golf Championship, YouTube will be among the leading platforms streaming it live. Accessing YouTube is not difficult. With a working smartphone, tablets, computers or laptops you can easily access YouTube. You just need to log in and search for the 2019 US Open Golf Championship, you can watch online or you can download the video and watch later. As the videos stream in, you can download them. However, the best thing is to subscribe to the US Open Golf Championship 2019 YouTube channels so as to receive the updates once they stream in.

Facebook gives you more than just watching the live videos. You get to interact with people as you view their comments and reactions. Facebook gives you a platform of positively expressing yourself by commending your support team, posting congratulatory messages, sharing your opinions and thoughts. Join the US Open Golf Championship 2019 Facebook page, to get updated on the upcoming events as well as receiving regular updates on the activities happening on the ground during the tournament.

Twitter is one of the most used social media platform. It’s quick to receive and convey information compared to others. It’s a platform presented in simplicity to enable all the type of users’ to get hold of it. Many people share and pass their comments on Twitter. Twitter brings people from different nations together to celebrate together. During the US Open Golf Championship, Twitter will be one of the most useful platforms to update people on the progress of the tournament. Installing and customizing Twitter is not difficult as well; you just need to have your phone with the Twitter app. Therefore, log in to receive informative and most recent tweets on US Open Golf Championship tournament 2019.


This America online platform has been created for rating and reviewing the services one is getting. It allows a person to rate certain content as well as participating in the online discussions. For the Golf fans 2019 they will be able to access the Reddit and participate in the online discussion that will be on, perhaps a little bit of rating which team did the best or discussions on which teams likely to do wonderful jobs will be on. For one to access the contents on Reddit, one should register their account in the highly helpful platform first. Have a working account to facilitate the exchange of information.

Final Thoughts:

With the massively engaging 2019 Masters Tournament ending just a few weeks ago, the US Open Golf Championship is on its way to bring the Golf-loving world united again. Ushered by the easy accessibility to live streaming options at your fingertips mentioned above, there’s barely any excuse to miss this thrilling event of sport.

There are so many options available to watch the tournament and you can choose from those based on which one is available and most suitable for you. With just 1 more month to go, June 2019 is the l-o-n-g awaited month for Golf fans worldwide; June 10th-16th with the US Open Golf Championship 2019, it’s just around the corner!

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